YouTube Makes It Really Easy For You To Rank Videos Highly

YouTube does in fact want to make it easy for you to upload and get a video ranked well in its natural niche, but most people are not reading or listening.

Whenever I am uploading videos on behalf of our clients, one of the areas we focus on is competitive analysis. Almost every time, I can research a niche, look at my clients, smile and say “we can get you on the first page”.

The reason is very simple.

YouTube provides a check list for you to follow. Give them a title, add a complete description, provide the keywords/tags you would like to use and then put in a transcript. It is that simple.

Would you like to know the “secret sauce” to ranking on YouTube?

I just gave it to you. There is no secret, YouTube tells you what to do yet in 90% of instances I see videos uploaded without a meaningful title, a one sentence description if there is one at all and no keywords.

Is it simply because we are lazy?

I don’t believe so. In fact I think it is because most of us do not grasp the full potential of video, if not today then certainly in the very near future.

Here is a perfect example. I searched “Vancouver Lighting Specialist” and this was the top ranked video at the time: click here to see.

With a little analysis you will be able to determine that the SEO work can be structured for improvement and so the door is wide open for a client to dominate in that niche with some very straightforward techniques. It points to the fact that in many instances, ranking positions are accidental rather than purposed.

So for the average Joe to rank a video on YouTube it takes just a little research, some practice and maybe a mentor. But with those three attributes in place, it is obvious to me that anyone with a willingness to learn a little and work hard is going to be able to rank a video on the first page of YouTube.

The extension of YouTube ranking is ranking videos on Google which frankly guarantees not only more traffic but a higher opportunity for visibility since a video stands out from the crowd on a presented list of URLs that Google has dredged up in response to you search query.

Any marketing strategy today needs to include an element of Video SEO. The forecast for the digital video industry is that by 2017 almost 80% of internet bandwidth will be consumed by video watching… if your business is not aware of that or prepared for that, you need to get your heads down and do some further research.

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